NaPoWriMo Preparation

So I’ve been looking at some websites that have talked about preparing for NaPoWriMo. You might be asking yourself, “How can you prepare for a month of writing poems? It’s not something you just plan. You know, like that rigorous month called NaNoWriMo.” That’s very true; National Novel Writing Month involves a consistent project of writing a certain number of words a day. Word count is key, and you’re working on the same project. NaPo is about poeting, of course, in which you could write about chocolate one day and dogs the next. There doesn’t have to be consistency. Word count means nothing. So they have nothing to do with planning. But you can still plan what you’ll poet about.

So, I’m going to set up a poetry topic for each week during NaPo. Those of you following the blog could try it out too, or even create your own topic for each week.

NaPo Week #1: Nature {April 1st-April 4th} 

I won’t be poeting a haiku everyday (those guys are tough!) but I’m aiming for the first week to be all about nature, from forests to the beach to just about any form of Mother Nature. It won’t be a full week of poeting, because I’m going to try to start off each week on a Sunday. But hey, that’s four more nature poems I can add to my compilation. 😛

What are your thoughts? Will you be setting a topic for each week, or poeting whatever pops into your head?

Note to self: Whenever I write “write” in a discussion of poetry, change it to “poet.”


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