~Writing Quote of the Week~

I have to agree with this quote 110%. I’m a procrastinator BIG TIME. I’m even procrastinating right now. xD I put things off until the last minute, and most of the time this involves my writing. I’ve been working on a novel since last June, and I’ve come to a complete stop with it. But I’ve found myself coming back to it, making changes. I think that if you’re stuck (and it’s not even Writer’s Block; just plain laziness) push yourself to edit what you’ve already written.

And then you’ll find yourself wanting to add on to that. 🙂

Just remember, saying you’ll do something doesn’t mean you’re actually going to do it. Act on your words. Make them a reality. Things are always easier said than done, aren’t they?

Have a good rest of the week ❤

*pep talk over*


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