Pre-NaPoWriMo~ Like Pencils

Hey guys! NaPoWriMo is just around the corner, but of course I have some Pre-NaPo stuff I’ve been itching to share with you. I actually wrote this “poem” [because it needs some serious editing :P] for Ilaria’s NaPoWriMo Site and I just thought I’d share it with  you all. If you want to be a poet on her site, check it out and let her know 🙂 Hopefully it will get you in the poeting spirit! 😀
Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to edit this poem. I’m always open to your ideas!

Like pencils, you sketch your sorrow with pointed words and broken commas
I watch with intensity, my eyes narrow and begin to water at your weakness
your frail shoulders    like a chicken’s wings
My heart cannot express any emotions; for it does not know how. Only fingers can drum on my knee





If a voice was so timid to convey, then why does it belong to anyone?
For it is nothing but a waste if not employed.

May the dove perch silently in the palm of my hand; to remind me that violence is not welcomed here.
And may the eagle, with its battle screech and determined eyes, soar within me.

For I will not fall victim to wishing my
words had been spoken when I was too afraid to





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