NaPoWriMo Day#1~Nature

NaPoWriMo Day #1

Week One: Nature

Prompt (for those of you following): Personify leaves. More specifically, what could their greatest fear be?

In the summer, he was a small speck in the midst of a large burst
Bugs came to nibble at the green he proudly wore, and the wind lifted him up
to see a green pasture
a large machine
rows and rows of dirt
He clung tightly to the thin branch that he called “friend.”
and he whispered secrets to the breeze that skipped along the path.

He clustered with his sisters and brothers to watch the sunset everyday
and he continued to grow, his dreams larger than his mother herself.
she was old and weathered, with carves of true love chipping away at her bones
He would call to her at night, “Mama? What’s it like out there?” he blew in the wind
Gesturing to the many roads he could see from his home.
Mama groaned, her branches broadening. “A dangerous place,” she responded
and with a frightening quiet, he hung silently.

And when Autumn burst through the door, its orange hue scaring out the blue
He watched himself turn brown. He screamed as the wind began to rush harshly past him
rather than a fluttering glance that calmed the world.
and one by one, his sisters and brothers gripped tightly to Mama’s arms. But she could not save them as they slowly darted to the dirt below.

I don’t want to die!” he cried, as the bugs came to cut holes through his skin. His luscious coat grew hard and crunchy, and the tears he could not weep filled him with despair.

One day he could not hold on.
He gulped in air and squeezed his eyes shut.

I   love    you    came the warmth that blew with him

And he gently touched down on
the rest of his life.napo2015button1


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