NaPoWriMo Day #4~Nature

NaPoWriMo Day #4

Week One: Nature

Catherine the Great once said anything she did for her country was just a “drop in the ocean.” What does that mean to you? Poet about it in a format of your choosing, and make sure to include the phrase. (Yes, I believe this can be applied to nature :P)

I once felt my life was one endless sea
The beginning was clear, but the ending unseen
For what if one day a cliff came my way?
A sharp turn of events that took me at bay?
As I walk in the streets, with people surrounding
I realized my place was just one heart pounding.
A drop in the ocean, one speck in the wind,
One dandelion seed not to be seen again.
One flash of a light, one flicker of flame,
One streak of a raindrop on a window pane.
One blink of an eye, one quiver of lip
One buzz in your ear, one unnoticed drip.
But I soon realize that the ending is more
Than a “once in a lifetime” phrase you ignore.
Because the life after death is one endless sea.
And you’re not one speck, you’re a light to be seen.
And yes, life is what you make it, no argue there.
Because you have just one life, a journey to bear.



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