NaPoWriMo Day #5~Nature (Happy Easter!)

NaPoWriMo Day #5

Week One: Nature

Today is the last day for week one! Write about anything pertaining to nature, whether it revolved around Easter or a place you’ve once been. It’s entirely up to you! Format: Free verse! Happy Easter

The Easter Lily 

The lily does not know what day it is.
The white petals that proclaim like a herald seem to glow in the sunlight
sitting silently in its plant holder, it eyes the giggling children
and waves its leaves in a small breeze that gently plays with their hair;
The anthers that trumpet the glorious news he does not know of
sprout from the middle of his soft halo.

The lily does not know what day it is.
But the children do. They scoop their small hands
into tall grass strands. He peers over his stigma and
sees a pop of pink, dropped into a wicker basket
that sways from side to side. Unable to do much,
he spectates a mishap, in which pinks and purples
blues and greens
yellows and oranges
tumble onto the ground.
They break one by one, and small chocolates litter the grass.

Tears are spilled.
A young woman bends down to the child and strokes her hair.
Her words are smoother than the chocolate dropped, and she says:

What is this day about?

Chocolate and eggs, Mommy

No, sweetie, think harder. Someone much more important than those things.

The Easter Bunny, Mommy

The lily was taken aback when the mother’s finger pointed to him.

See the Easter lily over there? Do you know what it represents?
It represents Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead, and having new life! The white color is purity and innocence untouched by the world, just like you.
She rubs her nose against her child’s.
The little girls smiles and wipes away the tears with a chubby fist.
She toddles over to the lily, fingering his white petals with awe and sheer respect.

The Easter lily knows what day it is.napo2015button1


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