NaPoWriMo Day#6~People and Relationships

NaPoWriMo Day #6~People and Relationships

Week Two: People and Relationships

It’s a new week of NaPoWriMo, and the new theme is: People and Relationships! I won’t try to delve into romance as much, but I will try to create prompts that discuss family, friends, etc. So hopefully this will get you thinking more when you poet! So, today’s prompt (for those of you who are following, and I really have no clue who is): Poet about one thing that’s special to your family, whether it’s a thing, an event, or a story of some sort.

This is sort of a personal poem…I tried not to make it super personal, but yeah 🙂

The day we lost her was a day I cannot remember,
For a two year old only cares about Barbie dolls and books,
Her next meal and the guarantee of a bedtime story
Her cup to be filled and her hugs to be warm.
She does not recognize a harsh reality when it hits.

Letters that string together to form a narrative
That pierces the soul and milks tears from your eyes
Recalls a time in which you wish you were older.
So you could carve a small space in your mind that
Whispers every now and then “she’s gone.”
Because you hardly ever think about her.

She’s not some ghost
don’t you dare treat her that way!
She’s not a name that just pops into your head.
She’s an actual human being, regardless!

God decided she was too precious for this world.

A porcelain doll that would be too easy to break
by the darkness that penetrates light when you’re weak.
So precious and fragile that leaving the womb was not an option.

Each September a veil of words caress her head.
And each November we’d say, “She’d be this old today.”
Each Easter a lily is dedicated to the life she never lived.
Each December a poinsettia.

We ask our mother what the day was like, and what the sobs were like.
We ask our mother where our father was at the time, and how the news was delivered.
And then I move on with my life, as if she was only what she is.
A memory threaded by the Man Himself.

I was nearly two when we lost her.napo2015button1


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