NaPoWriMoDay #7~Fitting In

NaPoWriMo Day #7

Week Two: People and Relationships

Poet about anything that fits under the category. 🙂 But, there has to be a rhyme scheme of some sort.

She stands, as most stories tend to start, in a crowded room,
Where some untold fate awaits to bring her to her doom.
For the crowd continues to grow, with her in the middle,
The language they speak comes out as a riddle.
She gasps for the air that she cannot breathe,
And longs for their eyes to break away and see.
She knows that a shadow has been casted on her,
And the tears that she fight begin to blur.


She knows this would happen, it’s occurred before,
It’s too easy to try but then end up ignored.
Unless your hair is blue and your eyes a keen green,
You’re nothing but brown and deep blue and unseen.
Unless your laugh is high pitched and a fire ignites,
You’re a mouse in the hole where there is lack of light.
Unless your heart is pumping and your boldness is plain,
You’re a small flicker in the storm that cannot be tamed.


It’s a disease passed down from one era to the next,
It’s the one unforeseen trait that somehow was vexed.
You’re the one puzzle piece two sizes too small,
The one two sizes too big, the one two sizes too tall.
The window is smudged, but you can still look inside,
Your fingers trail along glass where you’re forced to reside.
Maybe one day you can break down the glass,
But you first must start small, with one


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