NaPoWriMo Day #10~For My Father

NaPoWriMo Day #10

Week Two: People and Relationships

We’ve hit double digits! So far I’ve been pretty grateful for NaPo—I don’t think I’ve written this much poetry since I was in 7th grade. Today write about your gratitude for someone you know. What did they do that made you so grateful for them? Style: your choice (I’ll be writing in Latin tomorrow, Alexis. I promise xD)

The calloused hands of my father
aren’t necessarily worn from work in fields
or the trees in the wood
or the crops that grow.
But from long weeks away from his family,
countless hours dealt with inconsideration
and the aching back of low pay.

From the need to put food on a table that he did not create,
for he is not a carpenter
nor a craftsman
nor a lumberjack.
He wears a suit and tie everywhere he travels.

From the need to see his kids learn that hard work is what wins,
but sometimes no work at all unfortunately prevails.
That tears can and will be shed, for frustration
is something
can avoid.
And that living involves planning
no matter what those “inspirational” posters

And what he wants from me most of all:
you can’t reason with unreasonable people.
You can either be right or happy. Choose wisely.
That perception is reality; no argument there.
And that love is the ragged and torn ribbon
that ties us all together
My gratitude is the cup half full, Dad.napo2015button1


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