NaPoWriMo Day #11~People and Relationships

NaPoWriMo Day #11

Week Two: People and Relationships

Hey guys, I never posted this yesterday. I was pretty busy, but I’m here to give you a poem! I decided to write a silly one based on my own experiences 🙂 Style: Rhyme

When you look to his eyes and you must look away
You’re in that dilemma where conversation is frayed.
What shall you say next, should you just clear your throat?
He doesn’t say much, he just mumbles his notes.

You then bite your lip and scroll through your list
Of mental backups when you’re stuck in this ditch.
Tapping your fingers to a way offbeat drum,
You have to continue what you shy away from.

Perhaps you’re talking too much? Will it drive him nuts?
It’s not your fault that neither has guts.
Awkward silence ensues, as it usually does.
You’re getting sick of this monotonous buzz!

But you like him too much to give up just yet,
So you must prolong what you normally dread.
Something you said just made him laugh!
You’re getting somewhere; you’re not half bad.

This Dr. Seuss rhyme beats through your head,
And as you stay focused, you begin to shed
This cloak you’ve been wearing that’s kept you away
From this feeling called thrill and flying and brave.


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