NaPoWriMo Day #12 and 13

NaPoWriMo Day #12 and 13

Week Three: Places

Yikes! I keep falling behind, shame on me. Anyway, it’s the start of a new week, and that means a new topic for NaPo! I’ve decided to write about places this week, because they are chests that unlock momentums we treasure. Ever been to an area vaguely familiar, and suddenly a memory or an emotion is triggered? Monday’s prompt: Write about a place very special to your mother or father.  Style: Free verse

Day 12~
(a crummy haiku summing up what I just said about places)
Places are like chests
Unlocking momentums that
Trigger pain or joy

Day 13~

The house, she told me, was one in a Spanish rat’s mouth
[and she likes to complain that people pronounce it wrong]
where she scraped her knees from falling off a bike,
sat in the back of a seatbelt-less car she sang “Country Road” in—
But it wasn’t so country where she lived.

Spreading out her arms like a broken bird’s,
She exclaims nothing was once here, but a neighborhood
a small shopping center
perhaps just a strip of faces in nature’s playground.
God painted an innocent blue across the merciless heat

So you had to love it anyway.

It’s where she experienced every emotion bundled into
a present sloppily wrapped, but she didn’t mind
ripping off the transparent paper
just to see if what she was getting was it.
But soon she would learn she was so very special.

Now that playground collapsed decades ago.
Replaced by greed and the flocking of birds,
that have quite annoying accents.
And it was then she knew
That she thrived just barely in a species known as “natives”
a society of sorts that dwindled and teetered.

And that innocent blue has been marketed too high
Ripped off
Scratched out by concrete;
and roughly plastered back on, taped sloppily
and reapplied…
But only God can create the beauty she once knew. napo2015button1


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