NaPoWriMo Day #21

NaPoWriMo Day #21

Week Four

I’m back! I’m poeting again, and I am so sorry for the week-long absence. I’m not going to do anymore weekly topics; apparently it’s just too much for some unknown reason. So this week and next week will just be whatever comes to my mind (and possibly a prompt or two that I see along the way).

Leaning in to whisper words that soften like fuzz
I tremble and quiver and rest my head against your own.
You tell me I’m beautiful, a lie selectively chosen.
Because the face in the mirror has slashes of red against its cheeks,
And I don’t want to believe in a false hope that unravels at my touch.

But while my letters sloppily string themselves together,
Mismatching vowels and consonants, screeching to a halt
With the discovery I’m revealing too much;
You only nod and continue to stare your blue ovals into mine.
And my breath is somehow snatched by a newfound reality.

One that pours into my mind like silk chocolate,
Because only secret smiles are made of the finest fabric;
Drizzling in as a gradual realization [for a never-before-known
feeling doesn’t exactly snap into place, now does it?]
My fingers fumble for the light switch that was never there.

My palms are ice blocks around the clock, and you take
them and warm them, and I shyly return mine to my lap.
Even when silence hangs in the air, I find myself stopping
From reaching and rattling it awake.
For perhaps silence is the greatest understanding I have yet to face.napo2015button1


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