NaPoWriMo Day#22 (Spewing Out Words)

NaPoWriMo Day #22

Little phrases seep their way into my mind
and i count my blessings before i doze off
you always know how to make me pull up the corners
of a quivering lip, a bulging lower that trembles like an earthquake
your fingers gently flick away each tear; though they flickered us, didn’t they?
as i only see you in scraps
i try to tape you together but the minuscule minutes tend to ache my hands
to imagine is to imagine; nothing more and nothing less
and i roll the scenes of the movie that never was and never will be
of you grabbing me from behind and pulling me out of the slump
I have fallen in.
because i fall a lot.
of you kissing my hair [that’s turning strawberry brown]
and whispering
‘it’s not over yet’
But it was.
to feel a sensation that doesn’t actually exist frightens me
because i’m lying to myself and believing that it’s true
which has to equate to insanity somehow.
i only have your words, dear, but they’re starting to fizz
i grab them with a shaking relentlessness because they are
and always will be
yours. {and that’s more than enough for me}
your innocence gave me a budding realization
that not everyone has to know everything.
for why would one want to in such a world?
where The Learning Channel is actually teaching you
but not of accounts they are aware of.
because reality does not define itself behind a screen,
nearing the end of a journey you didn’t predict
offers a weight i fail to carry
and i stumble.
i stumble a lot.
my feet like to step on the cracks, naturally.
And though this feeling we are scared to identify
is not written in black ink;
i can see it.

i see it in streaming colors.napo2015button1


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