NaPoWriMo Day #24 (Boring Poem Alert)

I should be writing an essay for World History right now. But I am, after all, the Procrastination Queen. 😉
Edit: Whoops, wrong day! I meant to put 24, not 23 xD Silly me 

A sigh escapes my lips as I stare at the blank document
Drumming my fingers I avoid a face plant before my fingers reach the keys
The cursor is mocking me, its blinking reminder that I must continue
This boring

Information runs around in my mind, each important fact struggling to fall into line;
key phrases flash before my eyes, but the words seem to fall flat off the screen.
How can I complete this boring

Although excuse me, for a moment, for providing false information
For the essay itself is not boring at all; it is the topic that penetrates
The joy I try to conjure while typing one fluff line after the other
To make it seem I know a lot about what I’m talking about [when I really don’t]
So thus the hours tick by for this boring

And my brain is so bombarded with silly details that this poem
Probably doesn’t make sense
So you can see my dilemma, as I procrastinate and write
This boring


3 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day #24 (Boring Poem Alert)

  1. Ha! This is actually really really good because it reflects my experiences with writing essays A LOT. I can TOtaly relate to this. xD Sorry, I have not been putting my poems in the comments. I still haven’t even wrote my poem for today or yesterday. Shame on me…….I have some serious poeting to do this afternoon. xD

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