NaPoWriMo Day#27 (May I Never Take You For Granted)

“My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am.” ~Joan Jett

Indentations form in my fingers, as I go over and over the simple picking strategy
For him, I do not waste a minute learning something he really loves
And when he tells me it makes him happy that I want to do this,
I cannot lie when describing a flutter that pulses in my heart.

He tells me I’m talented, and a smile tugs at my lips
My hair shrouds my face as I carefully time my notes
Each a letter silently spelling “You’re worth it”
When his eyes hold mine

Without you, my dear, there would be no words
Silence would awkwardly hang in the air
But with your clear voice [if i play you right]
you sing a sweet melody that explains it all

Without these notes, my words would be placed in wet cement
Unprofessionally constructed, falling by the wayside
But you, love, straighten them out
And I am once again able to show there is a side of me that matters

[Dedicated to Oliver and Amber, my guitars :3] napo2015button1


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