NaPoWriMo Day #29 (for a friend)

Eh it’s a little sloppy and naturally I didn’t revise it, but for all those turning “an adult” this year 😉

On your birthday~
[though this is a day late]
Eighteen balloons dance in the halls, though they are empty halls at that
Each color a pop of lime green, a reflection of the young innocent still stretching
May your hair always be “cool” like the chilly temperature that mixes with the non-stop rain, and may the raindrops not mirror the tears,
but a race to the finish, down the windowpane that blocks two souls from meeting.
May your red striped shirt symbolize the age with which you should always stay;the child that I shake my head at.
For we both know who is more mature, after all…
And may my guitar whisper the melody that is our own, chiming in with your bold piano notes.
Happy birthday.


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