NaPoWriMo Day #30 (The End is Here!!)


It’s the final day of NaPoWriMo! Thank you for all who followed it; I really appreciate the support, for writing one poem a day is actually rather difficult. I didn’t write one every day, sadly, but I still accomplished my goal of participating! I don’t know if this blog will be active until next April, but perhaps it might every now and then. Happy Thursday! [Keep poeting <3]

Colors start to blend in a paper blank sky
I see the blotches extend like a ship’s sail,
A faded ring around a creation of my own.

Blue for the empty days where my words
were lost to school and family and friends.
My pen was left at home, the ink held tightly
waiting for an indentation to be made.
The absence created a red x, so bold and reminding
that goals cannot always be kept, but renewed.

Red for the blaring days where the first hour of my awaking
was spent on constructing something so different and new
letter upon letter carefully placed.

Purple for the time a haiku was thrown in
for though they can hold meaning they are easier
a filler of nature that opened my eyes, but only half way.

Green for the wooded stanzas that grew upright;
with each pounding of ideas a new branch was formed
and leaf after leaf sprouted from those lines
with a strong period placed at the end.

And finally-
Yellow, for the rhymes that kept like a bouncing ball
a Dr. Seuss drama, with my heart stitched to the computer screen.
My eyes were wide open with wonder; for five minutes worth of
letters were just sewn together with a needle I did not recognize as mine.

I stand looking at the canvas, now completely covered in a mix,
and I daresay my smile has never been wider, never been more
A book locked up in a drawer was pulled out, and apart of myself
was written, a brush dragged upon pages blanker than my mind
[only when it comes to writing an Elizabethan sonnet]


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