Peaceful Piano~

I remember posting earlier this year about music and what roles it can play in writing.

Well today, I’m here to offer you my musical discoveries! Sometimes when I do my school work or poet, I like to turn on Spotify and browse through the Browse section to see what I could listen to that day, as I listen to music based on mood. I’m sure a lot of us do as well, and, of course, some of us don’t. But every now and then I’ll resort to classical music to get me focused, and what better way than to play one of Spotify’s “Focus” playlists?

Peaceful Piano is a wonderful playlist, ladies and gents.

Often times words in lyrics can distract us from what we write, read, or study. It’s been proven that classical music aids in studying, because “the [classical] music put students in a heightened emotional state, making
 them more receptive to information.” Melodies assist in recalling specific information you read while listening to the melody, just like chewing gum “gets blood flowing to the head…where it improves memory, according to how quickly a test-taker can recall information in the lab.”

So here’s what I’ve found recently, modern and classical pieces alike that I loveeeee:

Note these specifically:

Tokka by Agnes Obel

Intro by Black Elk

Image-Autumn-Womb by Goldmund

and oh, what the heck? Most everyone song on the above playlist xD

Even if you don’t have Spotify, I recommend you checking out these songs on YouTube or another music site.


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