Transcendence: My Poem for the Literary Magazine!

Hey all, I’m curious as to what you take away from this poem, and what suggestion you have from it 🙂 Anything criticism and analyses are accepted! (Yeah this was me writing on a whim with only minor embellishing before submitting it :P)

Poised on the edge, she closes her eyes to snatch a breath
Fearing not the sounds of missed chances, but those of death
She will not allow the anger to simmer,
The scratches to lighten
The light to grow dimmer;
In a world where wrong somehow means right
And right is lost in the demand for “rights”
In which the noise that drums inside her head
Demands she leave what she started.


She will not allow her own breath to outweigh
That of the little one ready to convey.
To look and to love, to hope and to cry
To ask millions of questions, most of them “why?”
To touch and to feel, to comfort and save
To look beyond the outer wave.
If she may never see his face,
Look into his eyes by God’s loving grace,
Then “so be it!” she hisses,
For at least he will change
Somebody’s life as he did her own today.


With one last leap, she knew she was going
“Not enough blood,” they told her, “is flowing.”
But she felt no fear as she heard the wails
Like a shock to her heart, she started to cry,
And held him in her arms for the first
And last time.


Warmth wraps around a fresh
But thriving
Floating it does, towards
A glowing hearth
Called home
That whispers


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