Theme Update!

Greetings fellow poets~

I changed my theme today to a less modern, more “classical” looking one (I believe, I really have no idea. But I like it!) You might be wondering what the sub-heading “ars poetica non est dicere omnia” means. It’s a Latin statement by Maurus Servius Honoratus, a late fourth-century and early fifth-century grammarian of Rome; he also wrote commentaries on the work of Vergil. I’m learning all about Latin poetry, scansion, meter, and feet. It’s a lot different from our structure of poetry, but in the same way, it encompasses the same ideas we should remember as we poet. The saying simply means

The art of poetry is to not say everything.

What does that mean to you, as a poet and a person? Comment below what you think it means. I’m quite interested in learning. 🙂

I’ve also realized my Poetry and Other Writings tab has been scarcely used in the past months. Check it out, if you please! Also, if you’re interested in submitting something, perhaps even something you might want others or me to give CC on, feel free to do so!

Happy poeting!



2 thoughts on “Theme Update!

  1. To me, that quote means everything. It’s like the very embodiment of itself. It’s not saying exactly what it means, so it can be interpreted in several different ways. I interpret it as this: don’t say what you mean, mean what you want to say. Anyone can read between the lines of your work, but only you know what is being said.

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