Sheer Thought

I find myself incredulous at the sheer thought
that we have refused our words to leave our mouths
that our glances are the only indications we recognize
you and i are still existing in this world
but not existing together

there was a time whispers were unnoticed
because our trust was too strong to worry
that those utterances could be whacks
like a lumberjack felling a tree
clichéd wildfire lies

as if a dog was just given his hunting nose
I sniff for any signs of hostility or gossip
that glosses from her sparkling lips
she has become the center of your universe
and I a single moon orbiting a single planet
that you label “the past”

you do not understand what it feels like to lose
for you are the movie I have driven 30,000 miles to see
but the tickets sold out as I arrived, and she bought the last one
and I must peer through the tattered fence
to watch you love her the way I fantasized

you would love me

(c)Grace 2015


7 thoughts on “Sheer Thought

  1. Hi! Wow that poem was really amazing! It was very insightful (and I think we all have those kind of aggravating moments where we’re like, “Why do we exist?”) but it was enjoyable! It is a beautiful and sad love story (I LOVE reading and writing super intense dramas and love stories). In the end I wished the girl would have gotten the boy that she wanted to love. I loved that poem! Great job Grace!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome analysis, Katie! You and I are quite alike then; I absolutely love to write such stories, but you shall know I drew this from some real life experience I had. I feel like writing based off real life is more fulfilling and expressive, so I’m trying to do so more with my writing. I too wished the same in the end 🙂
      I would love to see some of your intense dramas and love stories 😉
      God bless!

      Liked by 1 person

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