Shameless Advertisements

Hey, fellow poets! I hope all of you are having a blessed week and are looking forward to an equally blessed weekend. I’ve got so much AP US History reading to catch up on–therefore, I can only thank myself for a less than blessed weekend D:

Anyway, I’ve decided I needed to advertise some of my favorite blogs on here. Especially the newer ones that have recently sprung up into existence and are budding rapidly. They’re fun, they’re beautiful, they’re thought-provoking, and I want to share them with all of you reading (and let’s be honest, I don’t know how many people actually view the blog and read it, but I thank graciously all who do!)

To start off, I’ll go back to the blogs that started before and with me, back earlier this year. Ilaria has come back from a hiatus to redesign her blog and give it a new name: Young and Free at Heart. It’s a great read, and you’ll enjoy many of the poems and short stories posted there!

Next, the lovely Misty and her blog (it’s private, but I can guarantee you it’s magnificent!).  Misty Creative Writing has been a wonderful blog to look to for prompts and other writing ideas that will get you back to writing! I personally love her new design: isn’t it inspirational?

I also wanted to advertise Hailey and her blog My Daily Inkling. Her posts are very reflective and thought-provoking, not to mention they are great reads! Indeed her posts on our culture have been very truthful and insightful. Keep up the awesome work, Hailey. I’m so glad you got around to creating your blog, because it’s very great.

Now, to move on to my recent discoveries: Leah and her blog Melody Pens and Tea. Follow this blog now, I command you! 😛 It’s become one of my absolute favorite new blogs to read. Her most recent post on Narcissism has got to be her best, in my opinion. Take a look at her inquisitive, philosophical and thought-provoking poetry.

Next, another fun blog I’ve discovered is by the lovely Katie: Miss Magic’s Memoir . Her posts are not only spunky and creative, but very well-written and engaging. I recommend you take a look at this blog for its quirky design, colorful content, and jovial atmosphere 🙂

Next off, Averagemads has a very insightful blog titled thetrifilingvagrant. The name itself just draws you in, doesn’t it? Check it out for incredibly amazing posts about life, age, and our culture, not to mention beautiful photography. Thank you for always making me really think!

Finally, I must advertise the blogs I have followed for awhile. They are as follows: For the Bookish, To the Barricade!, Sometimes I’m a Story, and A Writer’s Faith. All very wonderful blogs that I am so glad I follow. If any of you are looking for more blogs to follow, read through, or just draw from in terms of inspiration and ideas, check these out! Funnily enough, they all intertwine with one another, in what I call “The Christian Homeschooled Writers Web.” Very lovely bloggers.

Anyway, I hope I’ve widened your blogging realm, and have in the process appreciated the ideas all of these amazing writers and bloggers put forth in their posts.

Got any blogs you’d want to share or do you have one of your own? Let me know below in the comments!

God bless and Happy Thursday



9 thoughts on “Shameless Advertisements

      • Haha yeah. It is! And I did! I’m holding up ok. I’m not doing very well. I’m missing a lot of days in November from family and softball events. And they’re out if town. But I’m ok. Thanks for asking! How are you doing?

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      • Yeah i totally understand. I’m behind in APUSH because I may or may not be getting so bored I turn to NaNo >.> I’m doing well, at 19K right now, I’m a bit behind but I think I’ve got this 😛 Best of luck, at least you’ve got 9K or so! Better than no words at all, right? 🙂

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