I Walk

~Not just in honor of the terrorist attacks on Paris yesterday, but on all terrorist attacks, having happened, still going on, and those yet to come~

I walk down a silent street in the dark of night
Stained with blood not meant to be shed
My feet pass within near inches, of a spot
where a body had just been removed
I keep walking

If I strain my ears, they will catch the echoes of screams
Escaping lips previously opened to sing along to a band
Just a normal night, looking forward to the weekend
a flyer flutters past me, snatched by the wind
Taken to an unknown area
I keep walking

It has just rained, cool and wet laces through the air
I shiver slightly at a chill spiking down my neck
But it does not mean anything to me
the rushing of a breeze has past
Never to be felt by some again
And I keep walking

My hands reach into pockets as I speed past a woman
holding a flag, its nationality I do not recognize
And I am going by too fast to look closer
if I recall, I could’ve sworn it was not
One of nationality at all but of unity
I keep walking

And I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend
How evil always seems to persist, always prevails
For evil always wins when within its hands
there is a life, whose only known fault
only known offense, was living
And why must it be so?
I do not know
I walk.


4 thoughts on “I Walk

  1. This poem is great! I heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris but I didn’t really study it well. People shouldn’t die at the hands of other people. We were meant to be hand in hand together in peace. We’re killing our own species, the biggest and most intelligent species on planet Earth. We are not only losing our people because of other humans, we are losing our pride as people. How could someone who we think to be like us, hurt us? The answer is that they are not like us. To us, they might as well be a different species. This poem portrays the sorrows the Paris and many other places suffer. It is a truly great and meaningful poem, and I hope someday we realize that killing isn’t the answer to whatever is troubling us.


    • Thanks, Katie! I agree, these people don’t think like us, and are deliberately wiping out other cultures in the belief they are superior. I fear this is only the beginning, and you’re exactly right: we’re losing pride. And when we lose pride, it makes it easier for them to divide us and destroy us 😦

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