Another Year

[it’s a terrible poem, but in honor of birthdays (it’s mine today)]

I’ve lived to see another year, another changing number
Another day to thank the Lord, another song to sing.
Another whoosh of air to blow, to watch the candles cumber
So I take another breath and blow them out entirely.

I’ve lived to see another year, a smile lingers on my lip
No doubt I’ll go and sing my age for all that pass
As I rise to another tier, I travel on my ship
With one eye on the future and one eye on the past

I’ve lived to see another year, but I don’t feel all that different
The same tireless thoughts that poke inside my head have stayed
I haven’t grown an inch since Christmas
Nothing else has really changed.

I know with time I’ll grow and change
I’ll meet new people, I’ll rid of this phase
I’ll be stronger and larger to free from the pain
I’ll open my eyes to another day

to another year~


10 thoughts on “Another Year

  1. Happy 16 Grace! That poem was cool (and so true, every year it’s like “I thought I would be a supermodel by now…” xD). Anyways, happy birthday and thank you again for being so supportive with my blog. Your my first and favorite follower πŸ˜€

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