Greetings, fellow poets, writers, readers, bloggers, people:
Today is Thanksgiving, but it’s Thanksgiving Eve as I write this. I wanted to take this time to present what I’m thankful for, and why. My youth group leader posed us with an interesting question last week:

What would happen if you woke up only with the things you were thankful for?

That’s a pretty legitimate question, and it only reinforces why I thank God every night before I go to bed for the blessings He has give me. No doubt our world is growing more secular and materialistic by the day; one only has to look to the commercials on the TV, the ads and music on the radio, the signs and functions occurring around us. Even if you’re non-religious, it’s not hard to realize people are taking less time to be thankful, and more time to want new things, advance, develop, build–all things that, though can be arguably good, can also be arguably detrimental. If only we slowed down for one minute and took that time to count our blessings, to thank God and one another for the gifts we have been given, perhaps our view of the world would change.

I will take that one minute now. 🙂

First: I am thankful for God. I have my doubts, my trials, my tribulations. I often fail, fall, and stumble more than I wish I did. But even when I am conflicted inside, He still reigns in my heart, and I thank Him for giving me the life I have now, despite its flaws and obstructions. Through Him I am in a lovely community. I am thankful He still forgives me when I have wronged Him. I am thankful for the talents He has given me–my writing, my interest in guitar, communicating and my drive. Without Him I am, naturally, nothing.

Second: I am thankful for my health. I’m not overweight or underweight, incapable or sick, I have healthy hair, I have the resources and medication around me to keep healthy, alive, and thriving. I also am thankful that I was given this life to begin with. I should probably mention the easy/consistent access to food and drink, which I often take for granted. Plus clothing and a roof over my head; I guess all of these things fall under health/lifestyle right?

Third: I am thankful for my family and friends. I would want no other group of people who know my flaws and my issues, but who love me and encourage me to pursue my talents and my strengths, and overcome my weaknesses. Their love is abundant, even if I sometimes feel it’s non-existent. I know they love me, and I know there are thousands of people out there with no family or friends, or thousands surrounded by abusive or terrible families and friends. I am thankful God has surrounded me with good, wholesome and loving people.

Fourth: I am thankful for nature. It gives us oxygen, scenery, inspiration, strength, etc. Within it is God, who created it just as He created us. So I only have to look to the ocean to know the Lord is there, lapping upon the shore, strong and triumphant, but calm and still.

Fifth: I am thankful for this country (USA)! Without its foundation, freedoms and God-given rights I would not be able to say any of this right now, continue to be an active Christian, voice my opinions and expressions, etc. I would also, in some parts, be denied an education or an opportunity to obtain a career. I pray for those women and children who are denied these rights, that one day they will have access to education, etc.

Sixth: I am thankful for my education. My online schooling has been a blessing in disguise, allowing me to grow and try out new things. To be outside the box, off the radar has encouraged me to develop what I love to do, rather than conform to things I don’t like. The clubs and their members have proven to be wonderful friends; the communities created are beyond amazing, and the teachers I’ve had so far have been nothing but stellar.

Seventh: Finally, I’m thankful for all of you reading this. It means you’re interested in/care about what I have to say (hopefully :P) and to me that’s amazing. Views and feedback encourage me to keep posting, and even though this isn’t poetry, the feedback on my poetry has definitely pushed me to keep writing it 🙂

I have many more blessing I should probably keep counting! What are you thankful for? let me know below 😀

God bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Grace~ (I’m also thankful for my name, which means being thankful for what God has given us. I desire no other name.)




6 thoughts on “~Thanksgiving~

  1. Wonderful post, Grace!! There are tons of things that we often take for granted, but should really be giving thanks for. Your youth leader also has a very good point there. I really enjoyed reading this post! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!! 🙂

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  2. This is wonderful, Grace! I too am thankful for all of those things. My virtual schooling has been a blessing as well; I couldn’t see that when I first started. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and God Bless as well!!

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