originality is the mentality that sits in the reality
All of us want to reach out and grab hold on
Because more points are awarded to those who have thwarted
The festering of repetition and replication

we wrack our brain while going insane
Thinking of something which never touched man
However, it’s wrong to believe such a song
Had not ever been sung by the notes you demand

it’s not wrong to take what others have baked
The slice that you taste can be molded to own
For we draw from classics, geniuses, and masses
Those who have drawn from others, behold

we can trace back what others have lacked
Who found ingredients that works to their style
To the beginning of man, which from God’s hand
They took their ideas and made them worthwhile.

bestow upon me such unique velocity
Oh Lord I itch to conjure the unknown
To inspire young writers to venture the plight
Like from Aslan’s singing voice Narnia was shown

until then I will read until I bleed
Forever consuming the thoughts of man
Forever imitating what they’re creating
But adding myself into the canvas span


9 thoughts on “Originality

  1. Oh my goodness!! This was truly beautiful and left me almost speechless (except I’m never speechless, ha ha!!). This conveyed such a deep meaning as all of your poems do, Grace, and I very much enjoyed reading it! The last stanza was my favorite part.

    Liked by 1 person

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