Writing the New Year

The year is brand new
shiny and unsmudged and free
but i find it funny how we think
we are going to keep it that way
for 365 days, 365 pen strokes, at one
point i will be writing down the wrong letter
in a wrong word, and I won’t have any whiteout

and we all know erasers
only smudge the ink
and make everything
look far worse

and i may be tempted to look over your shoulder
to see what you’re writing, because
it’s going to be far better than what I am writing
and i didn’t keep the promise
i would write neatly
in the lines and follow the rules of writing

and i think it’s fair to say
all of us will have smudged pages
bent corners and ripped edges
by the end of day one
because it’s impossible to be perfect

but i know the new page is big enough
to fit not just my mistakes but my successes
it’s a fairly large page and i intend to write
as many good things as i possibly can
and i hope you will too

don’t let janurary 1st be the day you
create your resolutions,
make it every

~happy new year


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