A Poem in Latin

Salvete, fellow poets and writers!

Today I found an old document where I had attempted to start writing a poem in Latin. I must have been in Latin II, because I gave up after the first two words. I worked hard on it today, and thought I’d share it with you. (c)Grace@Grace’s Poetry Blog 2016

Warning: I am an amateur, and I have done my best to translate this poem into Latin. If I have failed in any way, it is only because I am a novice when writing in Latin, especially Latin poetry of all things. *cringes* *deep breath*

Accedere lucem, primus debemus cademus
genua nostrum abrademus, cores noster
saucium erunt. Ac sanguis cursus permanabit,
flumen aggerem velut frangebit, et sic sacrificum
facetur. Sed in futtile hunc non facemus,
quod oportet pluviam gerere ante sol revinit.
Quod oportet tenebrae existere ante lucem est.
Sine labore, lucem accedere non possumus.
In spatio, res omnis causam tenebit

et lux intra nobis urebit:

Mollis pulcherque candor.

To come near the light we must first fall
We will scrape our knees
Our hearts will be wounded.
And running blood will leak
Just as a river breaks the dam,
And thus a sacrifice is made.
But we do not do this in vain,
Because it is necessary to
Bear the rain before the sun returns.
Because it is necessary for
darkness to exist
Before there is light.
Without suffering, we are not
able to come near the light.
In time, all things will have cause

And the light will burn within us:

A soft and beautiful glow.


10 thoughts on “A Poem in Latin

  1. Ahhhh this is so beautiful! I am pretty much a pro at pronouncing Latin (we sing lots of Latin songs in chorus), but I haven’t learned it. Both the translation and the English version are awesome, though! šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s so awesome! Then you know “veni vidi vici” is “weni widi wiki” ;P At Christmas when we were singing “Angels we have heard on high” I’ll admit I was wincing at “in excelis deo” when everyone pronounced it soft c and not hard c xDDD Thank you so so much Grace and super cool to learn you sing Latin songs!!

      Liked by 1 person

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