It’s Better

An old poem I wrote~

It’s better to feel weakness than to feel nothing at all
It’s better to have failed than to have not tried
It’s better to have fallen than to not have jumped
It’s better to say goodbye than to have never said hello
I look at you and wonder what would happen if our eyes had never met
If our hearts had never soared
If our hands had never shaken
I look at the hidden and see their fears
How opportunity was in their grasp
But their fingers were too uncertain so the chance slipped away
And they could never catch it again

I caught you

And never let you go


8 thoughts on “It’s Better

  1. This is great! Hey, I was wondering if you would do a group blog with me and some other girls (who I have yet to contact)? I know you’re doing this blog and Girls Writing for God’s Glory, but I would really appreciate it if you agreed. I’ll probably contact Amberly Marvin and some girls from News In a Click and some other people to do it too. You don’t have to do it, and if you do, you don’t have to post ALL the time. You could post whenever you want! If you want to do it, that’ll be great and I’ll mention it to any other girls I contact. 🙂

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    • Hey Katie, thanks! It depends on what the blog’s purpose is–quite honestly I am pretty busy with school, extra curricular, clubs, Girls Writing for God’s Glory blog, and my own, but I would love to see what it’s about! And if I only have to post every now and then I can totally do that 🙂 I’d just like to know what the blog is generally ^^

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      • Thanks Grace. I haven’t really planned it out too much, but you can really probably post whatever you want (on a school appropriate level) including short stories and poems. Like I might post stuff about acting and stuff because I’m really passionate about it. I also might post some story excerpts and things like that. You can post about pretty much anything. I already have at least two other writers for the group (Aislinn from CWC and NIAC and Brea from NIAC). And yes you can post literally WHENEVER you want., and you won’t have to run posts by me or anyone else. You will be added to the blog’s team of writers and you can automatically post stuff. I have been putting off making it because to make it you need a domain name and I want it to also be the name of the blog. But I want the blog name to be something everyone likes. Wow, I just typed a lot xD

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