Quote of the Day Challenge {Day 3}

Hello, fellow readers! Today concludes my “Quote of the Day” challenge, but it’s been quite fun resurfacing quotes I’ve loved and discovering quotes I will now love. This next one comes from a book I recently read, “The Hired Girl” by Laura Amy Schlitz. Honestly I call bets on the idea this book is going to be considered a classic someday. It has all the elements, and it certainly taught me things and gripped my heart in ways unimaginable. I can’t remember the last time I almost stopped breathing reading a crucial scene! I recommend this book to allll the lovers of Little Women, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice–that’s right, all my classic novel lovers.

Anyway, the quote (and I’ll be quoting the whole thing, not just a sentence, mmhmm).

I have been through so many emotions today–such terrors and sorrows! Such mounting hopes, such exquisite sensations of relief! I’m proud of myself, because I haven’t been a coward, not one bit. My heart is racing even as I write, but I plan to go on as bravely as a heroine in a novel.

I just love that ENTIRE section. Can you believe this is a 2015 YA Novel? Sometimes I feel like it was published far earlier. It’s so vivid in expressing the fears and hopes Joan Skraggs experiences running away from her cruel father. My favorite part of that quote is the sentence bolded. I love reading, especially classics (well…sometimes), and I’ve always been fond of the “heroines” she speaks of here. Jo March, Jane Eyre, the unnamed narrator in Rebecca (even though she was kind of a baby at first, she molded herself into a strong woman by the end of the book), Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc: they all inspire. Joan is basically me (but only in some ways–I wouldn’t last two days on a farm being treated as she was; I’m probably more like her mom), because she loves reading and she tends to get wrapped up so much in the stories she fabricates the idea that they could happen to her.

Sadly it doesn’t work that way. *passes around tissues* But, we can let what we read influence and inspire us, like brave woman following their own passions, which is just as equally important as a certain handsome someone falling in love with me >.>

What heroines in literature have inspired/influenced you? Have you read “The Hired Girl?” Do you love it as much as I do? [you better :P]

Today I nominate:




If you weren’t nominated but would like to do it, go right ahead. Say I nominated you 😉



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