Hey everyone, I hope all of you are doing well!

I wanted to let you all know (for those that care 😉 ) I’ll be mostly inactive the next two weeks. This upcoming week I’m hitting the books (well, the computer screen LOL) hard to get as much school done as possible, with a goal of getting caught up and ahead in my AP course to avoid being stressed out further down the road. The week after will be super fun but busy because I’m volunteering at my local tennis center all week long for a super cool pro tennis tournament! I’ll be a ball kid on court and might help out with player services if possible, but I’ll have little or no time for school then. I’m super sorry, but now you know why I won’t be posting/commenting on or liking posts/answering questions/being the normal active busybody I am 😛 . I’ll probably be on here and there but I just need some time to focus harder on school to finish things on time. I’ll miss you guys!

More importantly though:



Just not as hardcore as this guy


See you then!

Keep poeting,



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