Hiatus is Over!

Oh my goodness, hello everyone!

It feels like I’ve been away forever, but I’m finished volunteering (and I am so worn out: running after balls and giving towels to players after every single point can do that to a gal who’s somewhat out of shape). Anyway, I’m diving back into reality and that means diving back into school unfortunately,


but I’m going to be sticking to my commitments (like for GWFGG–sorry about missing that post!) and will be completing alllll the challenges and awards I was nominated for!

(also following all the lovely people that decided to follow my blog when I was away ;-; Gotta go binge read their blogs when I get the chance!)

Furthermore, I’m going to start doing some more writing and poeting tips, some that I’ve learned over time or that I come across on my adventures through writerly development. I really need to start organizing my blog and shaping its purpose. Maybe I’ll do a survey? I don’t know, everyone else seems to know what they’re doing.



I mean, I sort of do. But this sums up my situation. I really am itching to solidify the purpose of this blog.

Also: a huge thank you to everyone following this blog. It really does mean so much that you all are interested in reading my posts and my writings. I definitely want to do something with writing when I’m older, whether it be Christian writing, blogging/media or editing for a newspaper or working for a publishing company. You guys are really the driving force behind my posts.


I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I’d give up after weeks of no one reading or responding to my blog. (Maybe I give up too easily LOL). It would almost feel like I’m just writing in word documents again, but this time they’re on the Internet for all to see (which only makes it sadder).

So just a big gigantic thank you to everyone reading this blog. You all are held in a special place in my heart (seriously) and I hope I continue to make such special friends through all the blogs I discover or that discover me.

I’m ready to face Monday. And all the things I have to catch up on. *breathes*

God bless!




19 thoughts on “Hiatus is Over!

  1. I think your blog already has a wonderful purpose. It expresses you and your life. It displays what you enjoy and what you believe in and I think that is wonderful. If you can’t find a purpose for your blog that you really want, I wouldn’t worry about it. Your blog is already great and if anything, it’s a multipurpose sort of thing (which is pretty darn cool). 🙂

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  2. Yussssss!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!!! hehehe I’m so late to this party… Anywho Want to know a secret… (well… I’m bust going to tell you anyway.) Most other bloggers don’t have a solidified blogging purpose. (I would say all… but I’m sure there is a blogger or two other there who would disagree with that statement.) Like my blogging purpose is to share my thoughts. That’s it. When I first started blogging my purpose was to blog about godly fashion/beauty… But for me personally having such a narrow focus killed my creativity. (Go back and read some of my old posts… I seriously just cringed.) But now my blogging purpose is the same as my life purpose, which is to love my God and to love humans. So… I guess my blogging purpose is just to share my thoughts lovingly and creatively. Hahaha now that you’ve read this really long comment just look at what you enjoy sharing most and why you enjoy sharing that thing. There’s your blogging purpose. I love your blog just the way it is now but I understand trying to figure out your purpose in life and in everything you do. Some things just need meaning, passion and love to keep us going. =D Hope that help some hahaha and made some kind of sense!!! ❤

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    • Ahhh thank you so much Allie! I greatly appreciate your comment! You’re right about everything, I think the only thing that’s bothering me, then, is the blog title (Grace’s Poetry Blog), because of course it’s wayy more than that now. It wasn’t intended to be, but what you said about a narrow focus is so true! Do you think I should try at least changing the name? Anyway, thank you so much for following my blog and being so kind! It means so much 🙂

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      • Hummm… Yeah you might want to change the title. I can see where that would bug you. (It would totally bug me too.) Maybe something more like Through the eyes of Grace, Grace’s journey, The musings of Grace, The poetic life of Grace, God’s Grace etc. Think about it. Hahaha it took me months to come up with a blog name. O.o Look for something that is you now but also something that you can grow into. Good luck, oh and don’t worry about it too much. [= God bless ❤

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