I’m not sure why I’m into rhyming poems so much these days. But nevertheless I was trying to express some conflicts of self-worth I’m currently having… (ignore the potential cliched themes that may have found their way into this also haha) 




is my soul.

When I’m struck with this realization

that I’m all alone.

That by myself I am weak

uncultured, unwanted, undeniably bleak.

Thus there grows a hole where the emptiness fills

and tempts me to wander the solitary hills.

For if nobody cares, where do I go?

If I left the conversation, no one would know.

If I wept and cried, the tears would only fall

No pail would catch them, no one would call.


How lonely


is my soul?

It aches of desires I’ve labeled unknown.

Ambitious fantasies and troubled intones

that emerge from my mind, my mouth, my whole.

It becomes a distraction from reality,

when really distractions would be setting me free

from the swelling lie I’m telling myself.

For it’s simply not true. Just because I am alone

does not mean I am unwanted.

It doesn’t mean I don’t belong.

It doesn’t mean I should be lonely. 

I suck in a breath and burn it away.

I’m not going to belittle myself today.

The number of people that surrounds you on this earth

most definitely

does not

define your worth.



37 thoughts on “Lonely

  1. That was amazing! I loved this poem very, very much! You have such incredible talent and I wish I could write poems like that. That was so captivating and empowering! Good job!!! 😀

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  2. I’ve been rhyming lately too often lately as well, lol. But I love this, Grace. Really spoke to me. It’s so easy for me to feel upset because I feel so alone sometimes. But I should think the one most alone is the one most surrounded. Doesn’t it seem as if, the less friends someone has, the more accompanied they feel and vice-versa? I think that’s very interesting. Anyway, I’ll stop being philosophical and tell you that you’ve a lovely lonely poem here. 😉

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    • Must be a rhyming bug going around >.> heehee. Thank you so much Leah, I’ve been dealing with it quite a bit lately (it comes and goes, quite honestly). You’re very right, though–the less friends you have usually results in a better quality of friendship. Haha no your philosophical bits are always inspiring and truly thought-provoking (you and Madison are like a philosophy power team :P). I appreciate you reading and commenting 🙂 It means a lot!

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  3. Woah, I am in awe of this poem. It’s just spectacular and perfect!:D I love it, that last line is especially powerful!:) It’s good enough to be published!:)

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  4. So talented. Seriously, Grace, why don’t you just g0 and put together a ton of your poetry and get published? People would certainly read these thoughts.
    Beautiful, as always. ❤

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      • You’re welcome! Yessss, do! Well, I’ve looked into publishing stuff in magazines, but too much work…LOL. My poetry is certainly too pitiful at the moment, but maybe I’ll progress a bit this NaPo. 🙂

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      • Yeah I’ll have to do some research–I’ve only submitted it to contests (2 of which were published, but alas, it was a scam to buy the book LOL).
        Haha noo not pitiful! but I too hope NaPo will help progress my poetry a little bit more as well 😀

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