NaPo Tip Thursdays #2

Hey everyone! I’m back with another post in my “series” NaPo Tip Thursdays. If you’re interested in reading my first tip, about NaPo preparation, you can find it here. On another note, if you haven’t told me already, comment below if you’re participating in NaPo, and if you’ll be posting your poems on your blog! I’d love to read them.

Here is today’s tip!

Tip #2: Explore and Utilize Different Poetry Forms

Did you know there are at least a hundred different types of poetry? You may know a good few, such as free-style, rhyme, ode, sonnet, haiku, and acrostic. But there are way more types, and with 30 days of the NaPoWriMo challenge, it’s the perfect time to broaden your poetry horizons. Last year, I stumbled upon the Shadow Poetry website, which informed me of all the different types of poetry along with examples and a simple description of how each form works. I decided to try some different forms (such as the nonet and the monorhyme). I didn’t attempt nearly as many forms as I could have, so I’m hoping to do so this year. 🙂

During the NaPo challenge, I challenge you to attempt as many new poetry forms as possible. Use the website I posted above as your main source if you’d like, or you can search around for other sites that provide different poetry form ideas as well.

Why do this at all? I found trying out new styles helpful last year, because not only did it broaden my knowledge of poetry forms (I had no clue there were so many!), it added diversity to the poems I was writing. Plus, if you’re ever stuck on what you should write next, other than using NaPo prompts or following your weekly theme, schedule different poetry form days! It’ll help with at least that part of the poetry writing  (the prompts will mostly help you with content, but the website above will help you with the style).

Another benefit to trying new styles of poetry is that you will learn. You certainly don’t have to take NaPo seriously, but by taking it seriously you are shaping your skills as a poet with each poem you write. Why settle for just knowing how to write rhyme and free style? Those styles might be easy, and the ones on the website will be more difficult, but as they say: no pain, no gain. 😉 As I’ve already said, take it upon yourself to make small goals during this April. Now one of these goals can be to learn how to write a poem using a new poetry style.

Let me know if you try any of them out! Check in next Thursday for another tip as we approach April 1st.

Keep poeting and Pax in Christo!



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