NaPoWriMo #4: The Cruelty of July

From the NaPoWriMo Day 4 prompt–write about the month you think is the cruelest.

I suppose it isn’t obvious
to everybody else;
For if you haven’t lived there
how would you know yourself?

Though advertised for lovely views
And vacation spots galore
Water skiing, nature walking,
Palm tree shading shores,

Where the sun is shining you may be finding
The most exquisite time
Where school is off and families come
But there’s way more than meets the eye

Truth is that the month July
is actually the cruelest month–
Where heat waves seem more powerful
Than ones crashing in the ocean.

Mosquitoes love to suffocate
The “warm” but froggy air
They once chased me from a nature trail
Which must have been their lair.

Humidity, a glaring sun,
A thick body of heat
No one stays outside for long
Too unbearable for me!

Don’t get me started on the theme parks
Which in Florida aren’t hard to find
It’s a mistake in mid-July to come
Expect three-hour lines.

I’d love to say it’s not all bad
Except the rest of the year is the same
July is the one month it’s magnified
To the point it lives up to its name

Don’t always believe July’s that great
Just because it’s summer break
A break from the heat is more enticing
But Florida never cooperates!


16 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #4: The Cruelty of July

  1. LOL! I love it because it’s so, so true! Especially if you live at least an hour away from even the not-as-beautiful-as-you-would-hope beaches and four hours away from all the nice ones xD
    I once wrote a very short poem kind of similar:

    The sun is shining
    No clouds in the sky.
    Birds sing
    As they fly by.
    It’s 80 degrees,
    I have sunburned knees.
    Just another November
    In Florida.

    Obviously, I wrote it last November xD Stupid Florida 😛
    If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start looking for cheap houses with pools….

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  2. I LOVE this poem! Honestly? July is probably my least favorite month, too! Georgia isn’t quite as hot as Florida, but goodness it is pretty stifling. That’s why my family visits the beaches in Florida in September – homeschooler luxuries, haha! (But really, Grace, this poem is amazing. You’re so talented! Keep it up!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for reading, Emily, this made my day!! I can imagine, Georgia isn’t far from FL–though I’m no where up in north FL, our states do border each other. Yessss, September and Florida mix very well, I imagine you go to some of the theme parks too during that time? It’s the best time go 😛 That means a lot Emily, thank you again!!


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