NaPoWriMo Day #5: (AAWC) A Reflection of the Beauty of Strength

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I’m going to be completing the first round of Misty’s AAWC challenge (OK that was redundant, but moving on heehee).


Since I can do a poem for the challenge, I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and do a poem for the challenge and for NaPo? (Hopefully that’s acceptable, Misty!). I’m on Team Eagle {‘Murrrica}, and I have included a reference to my team mascot in the poem, and have also included “reflection” in the poem as well, as required by the prompt. Go Team Eagle!

I’m honestly not fully proud of the work–I think it’s a little messy, but I made an attempt haha. poetry can sometimes be difficult!


there is a lime tree in my backyard with thin twig branches;
with its oval leaves that crowned those sticks
which jut out with wobbly
and vulnerable arms.
once i went to see if flowers would ever bloom there
and limes could ever grow there.
there were none to be found.
watering it and feeding it new soil,
coaxing it to thrive, peering in between
the green to see a hidden flash of white.

i guess it wasn’t strong enough.


there is a girl i know who weighs 103 pounds
with twig-like sticks for arms and knobby knees
and you can see the frame of her shoulders
too easily.
anxiety flourishes in her senses,
barricading her, suffocating her,
mashing all of her fears into one.
it doesn’t matter that she can’t
determine why she’s afraid.
all that matters is that she is.
with a fork for a sword and the plate her
battlefield, she surrenders to another
plague of hopelessness.

i guess she wasn’t strong enough.


there is a boy i didn’t know
i’ve only seen his picture in my history textbook
whose face reflects innocence in
the uninnocence of war.
his eyes downcast in defeat
surrounded by American soldier guards.

i guess he wasn’t strong enough.


what is bravery, really?
sometimes i question the context
it is used in. i don’t know
if i trust it to be an umbrella term
but i don’t know if i trust it to not be one.
is it only in war;
is it only in faith;
is it only in the everyday struggles;
where o where does our bravery reside?
In the screech of an eagle, whose talons
snatch at the fish below,
whose eyes are threatening
and sharp?
In the breast of a soldier, a boy of 14
thrown into a reality so far past the gone?

where does courage deserve to be real?


i reflect my life, and my “battles.”
they don’t always thrive outside of us–
us versus opponents of another kind.
battles can occupy the very heart of
yourself. and strength doesn’t
come from the muscles of your arms
and legs, or the ability to cast away
your emotions.
you don’t lack strength if what you try to
produce does not grow at first.
it comes from the effort you make to defeat
the very thing crushing you right now.

There are no limes but beautiful foliage thrives.
She can’t lift 5 pound weights but she ate today.
He was but a child yet he felt he was called to duty.

the reflection of strength–
it doesn’t just live in that eagle
it doesn’t just reside in a soldier
it doesn’t function in one person only.

that is the beauty of strength.
it can from anywhere and leave anyone.


It is but your mind that delivers the strength you require
and in that mind there is God.
and in God there is pure strength alone.


9 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day #5: (AAWC) A Reflection of the Beauty of Strength

  1. Oh wow, I love this so much. “There are no limes but beautiful foliage thrives. / She canโ€™t lift 5 pound weights but she ate today. / He was but a child yet he felt he was called to duty.” Just beautiful. And I love how you separated it into parts, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is just…I am speechless. That touched me so profoundly. It was…asdfghjkl.
    Kinda unrelated, but do you consider 103 pounds to be not that much? I weigh 87 pounds, but I’m only 12 (well, 11 but I’m 12 in about a week) and I’m about 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Okay, I’ll use my brain: the girl you’re talking about is older than me. Never mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my goodness Lily thank you! โค
      Oh no for someone who is your age 103 is actually, I think, a little above normal weight. In 6th grade I weighed, like, 85-90 pounds haha. And I was about your height too.
      Oh nooo it's OK, it was intended to be about a girl in her mid teens, where most people are like, 120 pounds or more as normal weight. Don't worry Lily, you are 100% a-ok โค

      Liked by 1 person

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