NaPoWriMo Day#6: Me, Myself and Chocolate

NaPoWriMo’s prompt today (write a poem about a certain food) of course made me think instantly of chocolate. And since I love chocolate, what better way to express such an enamorment with it than in a poem?

I am incapable of fathoming a universe without chocolate
sweet and smooth, with a melting afterthought that
continues to nestle under your tongue.
It’s the world’s problem solver, no doubt–
how could one continue to thrive with the knowledge
there is no access to chocolate?

an indulgence I believe we all take for granted;
you peel off the wrapper, toss it away in a frenzy
your nail chips away at some of the substance and
you delicately suck it to absorb the rich taste.

Socolata est tam pulchram. Wrap it in a bow and it looks all the more enticing.

if you give me a box you become my new favorite person
as long as you take the ones with liquid fillings (those are never my favorite)
to know there is chocolate in my fridge paints the day
a brighter shade. there’s more worth coined in the sunlight–

Darling, worries cease to exist when chocolate becomes your source
of comfort. They become emperors of your focus, wiping away
all things crowding your brain. why fill it with anything other
than chocolate?

I place a square on my tongue and reluctantly store the others
away. Letting it sit there and enrich my taste buds with the
delicacy of a lifetime, I sigh and savor.

–but who has time to savor when there’s more to be had? I swallow the thing and reach for another–
Indeed, my problem has just been illustrated in a poem!


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