NaPoWriMo Day #14: Confrontations

Softer grows your voice 
a decrescendo that drops off the cliff

and is caught by a sudden grip in your throat;

coughing to clear the falter

you continue.

I’m patient with your stumbling, your words playing hide and seek

I am already aware of the underlying truth, it is

evident, screaming in the signs growing more obvious.

Softer grows your ignorance
you continue.
The difficulty to conceal the hurt escalates

as you glance sideways and assume

I am stupid.

I don’t realize.

I’ll never find out.

if i never knew then, why would i know now?

pride overwhelms and grapples for the wheel.

so you punctuate the softness with a loud slap:

you turn on your heel and leave me in the dust.


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