NaPoWriMo Day #15: Halfway Poem

It’s day 15 of NaPo–we’re halfway through the challenge everyone! Congratulations to those who have made it this far. Today’s NaPo prompt challenged us to do something with “doubles” in our poem of the day. This could be regarding format or content (i.e. couplets or twins!) I decided to do a fun little poem about the halfway point using couplets.

There is a moment of bursting energy you seem to acquire
when you reach the halfway mark of your journey;
the finish line becomes achievable in light–
The fight you have fought is no longer a fight.

Impossible goals have suddenly turned plausible
The dragging weight upon you dissolves like sand
Movements are effortless and rhythm is fluent
Whatever adapting is required, you go into it.

The road grows shorter and the world seems brighter
You’ve finally conquered the toughest hill
You’re going to make it, I can see in you that glimmer:
Finally, the gap between start and end has grown slimmer.


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