NaPoWriMo Day #23: Ease

For anyone whose AP test is fast approaching and you’re trying to study as effectively as you can. I ask everyone for your prayers these next two weeks as I embark on an intensive review rampage! God bless

The thinking in your brain
is making you insane,
the wibbly-wobbly explosions:
they distract you with commotions
and all you do is complain.

No time for this, no time for that
there’s always this someone is better at.

Push it off until tomorrow,
there’s plenty of time til then
but time wasted now is wasted time again
no matter what truth you bend.

Get the thing needed to be done,
done until it’s over, hone
Check it off your list of things
finished so you can move freely.

You spend that time worrying,
you’re never going to do it,
The due date nearing ever faster,
a train racing at you labeled disaster.

I say, you have two weeks until that test,
why not open the books now?

Why worry you’re going to fail?
Don’t wait until you’re motivated,
don’t wait until you know it’s time
don’t wait ever to get it done,

start now so ease of mind will easily come.


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