NaPoWriMo Day #24: Opposites Attract

Tried to follow today’s prompt about mix and matching boring words (or words you wouldn’t really use in a poem) with overly interesting ones! 

My fidus Achates you are,
making the plainest of days
feel fabber than fab.

Incogitable is this concept
that you cherish me.

How can you love me?
I ask.

You asseverate your reasons,
but I’m mega bent on thinking
you’re just fluffing it up.

So sure you are, so totally sure,
so confused am I, so cray-cray absurd.
Forever questioning what
you’re forever suggesting,
Am I a lummox for fancying uncertainty?

“The paragon of perfection,” you counter,
but how do I accept that?

People bewilder at how we’ve survived,
where one is so cool,
the other deprived
of something, but probably nothing.

She makes lies in her head
And he knows the truth.
Withal, the spiral is constantly aloof.

Snatched away by excessive insecurities
I don’t see how the spine of this book
is going to hold on any longer.

But you opine your thoughts
on the likelihood of that.


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