NaPoWriMo Day #25: Deep Breathing

a sphere of complex racing thoughts
tightening you, like a rubber band
suffocating a shiny blue balloon.

strict and square, with sharp corners
you turn the edges of the knife in your
direction, and I have to pause.

Quiet I whisper, to consume the whole universe
with a single breath, to imagine your goal is
to take all the dots floating in the air,
and house them in you.

Grasping with shaking fingers, you slip;
I try to catch you but my hands are yours.
Close your eyes, it will help:
Unless the black veil increases the noise.

Focus, I say. Concentrate, I mutter.
Place your entire attention on the single motion:

Life goes in, death goes out.
Life goes in, worry goes out.
Life goes in, everything else goes out.

A relaxed state oozes from this.
Dropping knives and deadlier things,
you fall by the wayside and tumble into
a reality filled with one straight line

moving forward

you follow it.

No longer zigzagged
and resulting in fragility,
we advance as one.


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