NaPoWrimo Day #27: AAWC Challenge 4 Bright Long Dreams

Today’s NaPo challenge is to write stanzas using very long lines. This is also my entry for Misty’s AAWC challenge (yes I’ve been spelling it wrong this whole time LOL. Go team eagle!)
**Listen to “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes when you read this, this was the song that inspired the nature of the poem! The lyrics are kind of dark, but the guitar and beat are kind of a cool background to this haha!

Wistfully filled with desires not yet grasped by my shaking fingers,
there is a forest of century-old trees, with white-washed trunks
and thin branches towering to the sky, cracking the intense blue
that consumes my mind.

My eyes are the reflection of clouds and my heart
is the pounding of a canary’s song, the rush of an eagle’s flight, and my feet are rooted deep beneath the soil, and my arms are outstretched.

the trees become toothpicks with bushels of leafy hair,
the vast ocean of greens but a patch under my sightline,
i am growing higher and longer, leaner and stronger, wooded bones my structure.

I hear a drum beat far off, and i walk toward it. Sing me a song, it shouts
and I open my mouth, and a flock of birds emerge from it with a bouquet of
notes. Chorus after chorus the earth is wrapped in melodies, brightly
colored stars poke through a velvet blanket and the song is complete.

Spinning in a hundred different directions I am going, gaining speed
and momentum to go airborne. Fingers grab the sky and tightly
wrap it like a ribbon in my auburn locks. I run and it runs with me,
undraping to reveal a robin egg’s afternoon.
“Never leave,” I whisper, “Never go,” I say, “Never die,” I shout.

But suddenly spiderwebs etch through its glassy surface, and everything leaves, everything goes, everything dies. shattered crystals spike through the ground around me,
the earth crumbles like sand underneath me, the trees disintegrate and the sky unfolds through my hair. Everything ends, and the dull greyed-out reality begins again.

I am awake.


3 thoughts on “NaPoWrimo Day #27: AAWC Challenge 4 Bright Long Dreams

  1. I cannot express how much I love your poems. How do you do it?!? Please tell me your secret. In exchange for a lifetime supply of donuts, perhaps? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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