Don’t Worry, I still Exist!

You’re probably like, “What is Grace even doing now? She keeps saying she won’t take breaks but then she does like ew..” haha sorry guys, I keep taking breaks, but it is summer and I was trying to finish school, which I did so thank goodness for that. I am still super sorry for neglecting the blog, I hope some of you are still interested in it?

I plan to be fully back by September–I’m trying to come up with a daily routine that will 100% prevent the school issues I had this past year, while at the same time growing my daily spiritual life all while keeping up with clubs and other activities. I think I’m doing pretty well.

I’ve got some great posts about my LEAD retreat and Steubenville coming up. I got back from them about two weeks or so ago. I’m so stoked you guys, my life has been turned UPSIDE down, no joke. Please, I’d love to talk with y’all in the comments. How is life going for you? Have you started school? What about writing? Any questions about anything?

This was just a quick post to let y’all know I still care about this blog, but haven’t found the time to make it that much of a priority yet. I’m sorry if I’ve been inconsistent with answering comments, reading other blogs, etc. I’m going to work harder on it.

Pax in Christo!




23 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, I still Exist!

      • That’s great. 🙂
        Well, we’ve been driving, exploring, and driving some more. 😛 Right now, we’re in a pizza place. 😉

        – Clara ❤

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    I’ve missed your posts! But WOW, I completely understand about life being turned totally upside down…especially school, haha.
    My life has been pretty wild lately, actually! We’re moving soon (I still can’t believe it), so it’s been a little crazy here. My top two priorities lately have been finishing a summer photography course and finishing editing my book…hopefully before school starts. Thankfully, I go back early September (what with moving and all), so that’s good! I love being homeschooled.
    By the way, are you going to be on the CWC Editorial board again this year? I’m signing up for it whenever they get the forms up. Also, what FLVS clubs are you doing?
    Writing, hmm….lots of short stories lately, but mostly my novel, which is going slow but good! When I finish making the major changes, I’m going to be looking for beta readers. And then hopefully published by October 5 (my birthday). 😉
    So how have you been, friend?

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    • Hi Misty!! So lovely to receive a comment from you ❤ I understand completely, I've moved several times and it can always be crazy haha. Wow, I remember reading about your book project, I'll be praying that you finish it by that time! I've never been a beta reader before, but if you need one I'd love to help if I have the time! That's going to be sosososso cool 😀 I will be signing up for Editorial Board again–and that's so awesome you will be signing up too 😀 It's a ton of fun, seriously. I'm definitely going to be doing CWC and Student Ambassadors and Latin club. I'll have to see what else I'll have time for when I sign up for the clubs 🙂 What about you?
      I've been fairly well! Like I said, just got back from a retreat, trying to adjust back to regular life lol. I've been working a lot harder in my faith, and I think I know what I'd like to do with my writing–write for a Catholic corporation of some sort! I haven't been into much creative writing at that moment, save for poetry, so writing articles and essays have been more of my interest, strangely enough! I hope God reveals His plan soon, I have 2 more years before college D: How has violin been? 🙂 🙂

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      • So glad to read a post from you! 😛 Oh, yes! Definitely. This will be my second time, but the first time I was extremely little so I don’t remember a thing. 😅 It will be a change, but the new house is nice, so I’m excited too. Thank you so much!! I really appreciate that! And yes, I’m totally going to be asking you to beta read my novel. I need help with some sentence structuring, grammar, etc. Yes!
        Oh, yay! I’ll probably be asking you a lot of questions when I do, haha. I bet! Oh, cool! What exactly is Student Ambassadors? I know I’ve read about it before, but I still don’t know much about it. Besides CWC, I’ll probably also be doing the Fine Arts Club, Virge, and maybe the yearbook…and others…LOL. I really just want to do it all.
        Nice! I felt the same way after getting back from my youth retreat. It really woke me up, and I’ve definitely been more motivated in reading my Bible, doing my devotions, and basically acting out and voicing my faith. 🙂 Oh, wow! That’s great! Keep praying, and he will. ❤ Whoahhh that's crazy. I'll be praying for you! You're going to be a junior, right? 😳 This is going to be my high school freshman year, so I'm a mix between really nervous and really excited (and really scareeddd because college is a reality now, haha. But I'm trusting that God will reveal everything in His timing).
        Violin has been good! Some friends from youth group and I put together a small band, and we've had a lot of fun practicing songs from Christian bands like Skillet, Hillsong, etc. How's guitar been?

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      • Aw yay! I’m usually good with grammar and mechanical stuff when it comes to writing 😉 That’s awesome! We should try to work together with scripture reading and practicing that Christian living that can be so hard to do. Did you ever finish Mere Christianity? I learned on the retreat I need to find those counter cultural people to hold me accountable for my choices, which is definitely what I need. I’ll be praying for you as you strive for holiness 😀
        Yes ma’am I’m a junior this year. Little nerve wracking but I’m not nervous yet xD Oh you’re going to be awesome! Being homeschooled is so great heehee. Yes, just trust in the Lord, He never brings you to anything you can’t handle.
        Oh I love Hillsong! Have you heard “Prince of Peace (LIVE)” yet? It’s brand new from them. So So beautiful. Guitar’s been fabulous–classical is so beautiful in the minor keys which I’m beginning. I’m hoping to introduce more praise and worship in my youth group since I can play guitar and know a few songs. Here’s hoping!

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      • Yes, I know you are. 😉 Ooooh yes. We should! I actually never did…the time I have spent to read books recently has usually been as I’m hurrying throughout the day, so I never really have gotten the time to sit down and really read it. (Yes yes, excuses….) Buuuut I will. Soon, hopefully! It’s an amazing book. Yes!! That’s true. Thank you. 🙂 I’ll be praying for you as well!
        Nice! Haha that’s good! Yes, it really is. xD Amen. ❤
        I don't think I have! I'll definitely check it out. That's awesome! Oh, nice! I'm hoping to do so as well. What kind of songs do you play on the guitar? Just classical, or do you also enjoy playing worship/country/etc?

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      • Yes, no excuses, missy! Haha just kidding, I hope you do find time to really read and soak in the knowledge of that book at some point, though! It’s SO so good 😛 I usually play more folksy songs, like finger picking or softer strumming. I’ve definitely taken up more worship music–not really country anymore. Country songs can be…slightly boring to play these days haha. I do mainly classical and worship as of right now ^.^ I’m hoping to introduce more worship to my youth group because of that! Are you in a youth group, btw?


  2. I’m so glad you’re back! I missed reading you poems. 🙂
    I’ve been super busy lately – I only have three weeks of summer left, but I’m trying to make the most of them! 🙂

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      • Ooh that’s fantastic! I’m not a novel writer but I’ve tried enough times to learn a few tips haha. I heard that having a general outline is always the way to go–I’ve always been a pantster when it comes to writing novels, and I usually run out of steam because I didn’t create a plot line, so I had no clue where the story was going. What kind of novel are you writing? 🙂 So yeah, creating a plot line before writing is a good tip I can think of. And creating honest characters–people love realistic characters, so even drawing from people you’ve met in your every day life to have relatable people:) I hope I helped in anyway, I’ve not been too successful in the novel department, but I bet you will be! D: lol


      • Thank you – those tips are very helpful! I agree, I definitely should create a plot line, something I’ve been neglecting to do. :/ I’m writing a historical fiction novel (my favorite genre!) set in the Middle Ages.

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    • Thanks Lily! Aw I’ve got to get back to writing more poetry for certain 🙂 I’ve got lots of subject material! Hope the rest of your summer goes well! I’ve got next week and then it’s back to school ;-;


  3. Of course I’m still interested in your blog!! XD I’m glad that you’re back now! Good luck with keeping all of your activities balanced! ;D I know how that can be a struggle! 🙂

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  4. Grace! You’re not the only one, hun. 😉 I occasionally go on hiatus time to time hoping no one will notice, haha. The impending doom of senior year is upon me. Let me tell you, Grace, I am not a decisive person. So choosing a major before registration ends will be difficult. I’m seriously considering a gap year. But thank God I’m like barely in high school since I’m doing college full time. *Sigh* There’s that. Hope you enjoy your junior year. Mine was rocky.

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    • Oh I’ll be praying for you, Leah! I can be pretty indecisive too–I still have no clue what I’d like to even pursue in college, but I think I’ll know soon enough haha. Aw I’m sorry to learn your junior year was rocky :/ I hope your senior year is much much better! Do you have even an inkling for what you’d like to do at all? Praying, praying, praying for you ❤

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      • Oh Grace, thank you so much. I really need it. I’m leaning towards Journalism. I did very well academic wise junior year, but spiritually I had some letdowns (or I let myself down).

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