I See Them

I saw them—

A thousand men burdened
with the task of carrying sharp-tipped spears,
pointed precisely
at the enemy on the other side.

I saw them—

A thousand men facing another thousand men,
laden with the ultimate mission:
to destroy who their eyes touched.

And I, above it all, yielded a broken heart
when the war cry shattered the atmosphere.
Crushed I was as they roared at each other.

I was not just watching from above, I was centered in between,
I was a man on both sides. Through my vision I experienced it all.
The pain, the suffering, the anguish, the fiery anger.
Fear, uncertainty, unspoken betrayal.

My heart was pricked with two thousand thorns;
and each stab to the heart I saw, I felt, I knew,
there my tears leaked.

“I love you,” I would say. “Come to me,” I would plead.

But the noise,
O! the rush of the noise
Distracted they were, ripping each other to shreds.

I know what they want.
Their souls lonely and unaware.
As they take from each other
rather than give,
I have what they desire.

My Peace is strong; my Peace I yearn to bestow upon them.
While they fight in groups,
they are still lone individuals–

Feeling abandoned,
they search endlessly for a cause
on all the wrong paths.
If only they would pause
and turn their heads upward to Me.

For in doing this they would know

I was there with them all along.


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