A Blip in Time

I can’t comprehend it–but supposedly I can,
How an event that felt it spanned a year,
is now a speck in my hand.
I wanted to immortalize it,
to keep it ever flowing.
The emotions that coursed through my veins,
to stem further as I kept going.

I was surrounded by a dozen faces,
they understood why I cried.
Unashamed of where I came from,
I laid it out for all their eyes.
They built me up a fortress tenfold,
higher my spirits ascended,
I was flying, I was learning,

I still can’t comprehend it.

It ended much too soon for me,
I only knew their names.
Whisked back to reality,
I quit playing my games.
I tried to face the solitude,
with armor and my Bible.

But without them here,
I cannot hear
Suddenly nothing was viable.

It can’t be just a date,
it can’t be just a time.
A message on my phone,
The memories in their prime.

It’s slipping now,
I’m losing it.
Lord remind me why it happened.

Every day, this I ask Him.

I wish it wasn’t just a link
in the chain of my life,
but I will wear it
with humility,
as I face my strife.


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