The Guitarist’s Tag!

Hello everyone!

Music is an important part of my life. It doesn’t matter what kind of music–lyrics, melodies, instruments– they have all helped me in some way or another. Whether listening or playing, I just feel good. I feel accomplished when I learn a song, or a difficult chord. Learning an instrument really helps you become a more intelligent person because your brain is solving a complex puzzle, where you apply notes on paper to shapes and sounds on your instrument. Guitar has helped with my visual and auditory senses and critical thinking (as in, how does this note look here and how do I create what I want to create?).

I was just thinking about creating a tag recently, and thought I’d do it about guitar playing. I know there are few people that read my blog that play guitar, whether they’ve just started out or have been going strong for a few years. I also know not everyone does play guitar that reads my blog, so I’m sorry :/. Unfortunately I only know how to play one instrument (working on expanding, though!), and that’s guitar. If you read my blog and play guitar, or you know other people that play guitar, please tag them!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you (and link their blog in your post).
  2. Use the Guitarist’s tag picture in your post.
  3. Answer the questions.
  4. Tag at least 3 people you know who play guitar (electric, acoustic, classical, mandolin or any other instrument in the plucked string instrument family). If you don’t know any, invite people that read your blog to comment that they play! The purpose is to not only share your musical experience with others, but learn of people who play too 🙂 


1. How long have you been playing the guitar?

4 years now! I’ve been playing classical for nearly 1 year, in addition.

2. What kind of guitar do you play, and which do you prefer? (Classical, acoustic, electric). Why?

As of right now, I can only play the acoustic guitar, and I prefer it. I also am learning classical music on guitar but not on an actual classical guitar, just on my steel-string acoustic. I guess it’s because of my personality. I’m sort of a quieter person, and electric is just louder, I guess? I enjoy listening to songs that feature electric guitar, but when I play I enjoy the stripped down sound an acoustic produces, and I have always been more comfortable playing an acoustic. It’s such a beautiful instrument.

3. How many guitars do you own? 

I own two guitars!

4. If you are comfortable sharing, what is/are the name brand(s) and model(s) of your guitar(s)?

I own an Alvarez Regent and a beautiful Taylor!

5.  What is your favorite song (or favorite songs) to play on guitar, and why?

My favorite songs to play are

  • Oceans by Hillsong,
  • Falling Slowly and the Hill by Glen Hansard and Market Irglova,
  • Is it Any Wonder and Somewhere Only we Know by Keane,
  • America by Simon and Garfunkel,
  • Dust in the Wind by Kansas,
  • Prince of Peace by Hillsong,
  • and Ordinary World by Duran Duran.

I like to play all of these songs because I worked the hardest in learning each of them. They’re very beautiful when played on guitar, and I guess I’ve grown attached to them because I put in so many hours learning them! All of them have challenged me in some way or another, and I just love being asked to play them!

6. Do you play with others or do you mainly play alone?

I mainly play alone, because I don’t know many people that play the guitar. I used to be good friends with a whole family that play instruments, from the guitar to the banjo to the drums. I excelled more when I played with them, so I’m hoping in the future I come across more guitar buddies! LOL. It’s more fun with more people. 😛

7.  What made you want to learn the guitar? 

When I was going into the 8th grade, I went to a summer studies program. The program had a fun little talent show toward the end of the three weeks, and a lot of the kids played guitar in it. I always loved the guitar, but had never tried to learn it. My dad had a 20 year old Alvarez he never learned to play gathering dust in his closet. I finally got the urge to learn how to play…but then school came along and I didn’t. I ended up getting in trouble with some social media incident, and my dad suggested, why not spend all that time you were wasting on social media with learning to play the guitar? So that was the final push to learn, and so I did! It’s given me so much because I learned, and I am so happy that I picked up the instrument, no matter how daunting it looked!

8. What advice would you give (if you have any) to other guitar players, those just starting out or those who want to get to the next level? 

Practice, practice, practice! Your fingers are going to hurt, you’re going to feel the urge to give up several times. You can’t be the best of the best in one day, one week, one month, or one year. My current guitar teacher says, you’ve got to get in your 10,000 hours of practice. That’s definitely an overwhelming number of hours, but the guitar is truly one of the best instruments (in myyy opinion), and as you continue to progress, you’re going to be able to play a wide variety of songs. Learning will become fun! I never thought I could get to where I am at now, and I know I can get to even higher levels if I just keep making a point to play an hour or more a day. Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t make things out to be what they’re not. Always know there is room for improvement–always.

Playing guitar has opened up so many doors, and there’s some unspoken connection I have with playing. It’s given me a skill that I will carry the rest of my life. You could say the guitar found me when I needed it, haha! What did playing do for you?

If you’re reading this and you play guitar, please comment below and complete the tag! If you know someone who plays, I would appreciate it if you showed them this tag 🙂 Also, when completing the tag you can keep these questions or change some to personalize it 🙂

Thank you!

Pax in Christo,

Grace ❤

P.S. Here are some clips of me playing if you want to hear/watch 🙂

  1. This is the intro to a song I wrote:
  2. A snippet of me playing the Hill by Marketa Irglova:





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