15 Years Later

It’s another September 11–now 15 years later after the worst terrorist attack on our soil. This description still stands, even though we’ve had so many more terrorist attacks lately that have rattled the nation extensively. It’s saddening to say that we’ve almost become immune to it, but no.

We must continue to pray; to throw ourselves into the war trenches of prayer for safety and conversion. I can only imagine what it is like to be a family member of a victim of a terrorist attack; not just from September 11, but the Orlando attack, the San Bernadino attack. This is real life, not just a news story on our screen- and it is currently affecting someone deeply right now.

Heavenly Father, please hold us in Your Arms. Please protect us from violence. Please comfort families who are remembering their lost loved ones today. May you dissolve the concrete walls between us, that we join in unity under You for the sake of our fallen brethren. These divides only perpetuate more chaos, while families are grieving the deaths of close friends, their siblings, mothers and fathers, children.

Thank you, God, for giving us brave men and women who would go into dangerous buildings to save us. Thank you for breathing courage into the people on that flight who took down the pilots. I continue to thank you for giving us protectors here on earth.

May we stand for America, whether we agree with all of our country’s actions or not. It is reminders like these that should make us stand tall and protect each other.

For at the end of the day, I must remember, we are one nation.


10 thoughts on “15 Years Later

  1. Very good Grace. The song ‘Have you forgotten’ just makes me sad. it’s about 9/11… and you’re right..whether we realize it or not, it’s not as surprising as it used to be when we hear that there was another school shooting, or another muslim attack… 😦

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