Anakainoo means “renew” or “change” in Greek. (also not sure about this poem, eek!)

she craved their eyes,
every action was followed
with a hint of hope
they saw her.

she craved their words,
every sentence was followed
with a trace of hope
they would talk to her.

each day would be
another test,
another question,
but not once did she
receive the answer she wanted.

what did she really want?
it would begin to gnaw at her,
and transform into something
more terrifying than their

it would send her to her knees,
it would force her to open her eyes.
hands of fear gripping her heart
until it beat so fast;
the sweat of guilt sliding down her face.

it would squeeze fresh tears down her cheeks,
choke cries of help from her lungs.
what she swore to never do scared her,
as it stared her in the face.

these constant scars made her realize,
that the emptiness burning inside,
wasn’t meant to be filled this way.

opening her mouth so a song could filter forth,
she asked Him to take herself and mold her;
giving herself as the clay, trusting Him
to be the potter.

He humbled her heart,
He dissolved her vanity,

He cleansed her soul,
and rose her from the ashes.

And most importantly,
with a peace so sweeping
He showed her whose eyes
she should really be craving.


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