Hurricane Matthew

You’ve probably heard quite a bit about it recently already: there’s a storm coming, and its name is Matthew. It’s already taken about 17 lives, destroyed homes and facilities in Cuba and Haiti, and is still surging ahead and could potentially gain more strength upon hitting the Bahamas.

It’s also heading for Florida, where it won’t exactly make land fall, but it will have a massive impact on cities in counties that lie on the east coast, which borders the Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately, I’m in one of those cities in one of those counties. I’m writing this post to ask for your prayers as the storm makes its way towards the U.S., that people preparing act in a calm manner and make it to safety before the storm arrives.

When I first learned about Matthew, I wasn’t necessarily certain I should take the initial warnings seriously. After all, we had hurricane warnings last year which caused many people in my area to stock up on water. The hurricane ended up completely missing us.

This time, however, I see that it is in fact a serious threat and will be affecting us in some way.

My mom has already been to the store, and it’s straight out of the media on the news: empty shelves, frantic people (some lady kept shoving into my mom as she was unloading food onto a conveyor belt!) and confusion. A lot of people living here are newer and have settled in comfortably, because a storm this strong hasn’t impacted the state in nearly a decade. Therefore, I ask for your prayers and thoughts that we all remain safe and act accordingly.

At the same time, I’m kind of excited. I have never experienced a hurricane, and while I understand the terror it can cause, I’m quite fascinated by how it functions. We have hurricane windows, so we’ll be able to see it all from inside. I pray for those who do not have a shelter like I do, that instead they find shelter in the nearby local public shelters (usually the public high schools). If you’re reading this and you know you’ll be impacted: stay safe! Don’t dawdle in preparations, have a game plan and find a safe room in your house to stay during the storm. I don’t know the measure of severity the hurricane will be by the time it reaches us, but don’t let that discourage you from preparing seriously.

Here’s to some interesting action heading our way this week, and possibly next week too. They’re predicting a possible turn back into the Atlantic, and then boomeranging back to Florida again!

I just hope I can squeeze some more school in…

Anyway, just asking for your prayers from those who don’t live in Florida or on the east coast. I will definitely be praying for you and your family if you will be impacted.

Stay safe and Pax in Christo!




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